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Projects In Development

Communities First Initiative (CFI) actively engages in the development of affordable housing through valued partnerships.  As a non-profit member of the ownership, CFI plays a significant role in several notable projects that underscore our commitment to accessible housing solutions and community well-being in high-impact areas.

These ongoing projects illuminate our resolute dedication to transforming affordable housing into thriving, inclusive communities that provide essential support to individuals and families in need in high opportunity areas.

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The Place at Sayreville

One such project is The Place at Sayreville, a notable 89-unit, 100% affordable community in Sayreville, NJ. This inclusive development includes five units specifically designated for supportive housing to serve homeless families and individuals. The Place at Sayreville, completed in January 2023, stands as a testament to our dedication, with all units fully leased and contributing positively to the community.

The Place at Marlboro

Another notable venture is The Place at Marlboro, an upcoming 154-unit, 100% affordable community in Marlboro, NJ, designed with a veteran’s preference. Developed in partnership with Community Investment Strategies Inc., this project aligns with our mission to provide targeted support. The Place at Marlboro is under construction and poised to become a beacon of community support, with an anticipated completion date of January 2024.


The Place at Middletown Walk

Similarly, CFI is a key partner in The Place at Middletown Walk, a 70-unit, 100% affordable community in Middletown, also developed in partnership with Community Investment Strat-egies Inc. as an inclusionary component within a larger market-rate townhome community by Toll Brothers. Currently under construction, The Place at Middletown Walk is set to enrich the community landscape, with an expected completion date of June 2024.

The Place at Burlington

Further exemplifying our commitment, CFI is proud to contribute to The Place at Burlington, an 84-unit, 100% affordable community situated in Burlington. This development addresses specific needs by providing five units for homeless families and individuals, as well as five units dedicated to disabled and homeless veterans. Currently under construction, The Place at Burlington broke ground in June of 2023, with an expected completion date of January 2025.

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Elizabeth Place

Finally, Elizabeth Place entails the creation of 20 affordable housing units located in the heart of downtown Haddonfield, NJ. With a commitment from the DCA, construction will begin in September 2023. This family-oriented endeavor reflects our vision of fostering inclusive communities that uplift residents by providing affordable housing within walking distance to community activities.

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