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All Hands In

More than
an organization

A community-driven movement helping shape a brighter, more inclusive future.

Communities First Initiative (CFI) is a dynamic nonprofit organization that collaborates with government, nonprofit and other entities in order to build strong communities through the preservation and establishment of affordable housing solutions combined with the tools needed for residents to thrive. 

Our foundation is rooted in the belief that safe and affordable housing is the cornerstone of creating opportunities for individuals and families. Yet we understand that true well-being requires a comprehensive approach.

Our commitment extends far beyond bricks and mortar, encompassing the pillars of Health and Wellness, Educational Enrichment & Advancement, Food Access & Security, Financial Independence, and Empowerment. 

At Communities First Initiative, we are driven by the vision of creating holistic, supportive environments where individuals and families can flourish.


Our Impact to Date

Families Served

300+ Jobs in Construction

Over $100 Million in Investment

300+ Units
in High Impact Communities

Construction Work

Our Logo. 

A symbol of our mission

Our logo encapsulates who we are—a holistic organization that understands that housing is just the beginning. It's a visual representation of our dedication to building communities that flourish through housing, health, education, food access, financial stability, and empowerment.

food access
financial stability
empowerment and inclusivity
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